Overview of the Schoolampuses. Primary wing of the school (Classes I – V) is housed in the Assam type buildings near FPO of HQ 101 Area

Discipline Committee

Discipline, safety and security of the students are utmost concerns of Army Public School Shillong. In order to develop and promote a positive learner spirit and culture; create a safe atmosphere for child so that he/she can grow and develop positively, the school has a Discipline Committee who generally investigates the allegation of serious...

Principal's Message

I have been associated with this school for the last 18 years first as an Educator and now as a Leader; and I strongly feel that our children in school need an environment which is conducive to their holistic development, in which they do not fear but approach each situation with confidence, think critically, act responsibly and create effectively.

Admission Procedure

Academic session begins on 01 April every year. Admission is open to all but priority is given to the children of serving army personnel. Children of army ex-service men, serving air force and naval personnel, civilians paid out of defence estimates etc. are also considered for admission. re also considered for admission.

Fee Structure

The school charges fees as laid down by Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) and approved by the school Managing Committee. approved by the school Managing Committee.

Our Staff

The teachers are the dynamic force of an educational institution. They are the pivot and on them rest the failure or the success of the institution. Army Public School Shillong has a very strong team of dedicated teachers who as social engineers, has been trying their best to socialize and humanize the young boys and girls with their man-like qualities. ls with their man-like qualities.